Eddy Carroll - Technical Director

Eddy is the founder of Snoopdos Technology. He has been using and programming computers since the introduction of the original IBM PC back in 1981.

Eddy began programming BASIC on a Commodore PET, and quickly progressed to 6502 assembly language. Throughout the 80s, he released a number of Commodore 64 language extensions designed to extend graphics capabilities, accelerate tape & disk access, and improve development facilities. This culminated in the release of Edterm, a fully featured terminal emulation package which was widely sold in the UK.

During the 90s, Eddy developed video drivers for Minnesota-based ARTIST Graphics, a manufacturer of high-end accelerated graphics cards. While there, he received their MVP award, to acknowledge 5,000,000 hours of bug-free operation for his Windows display driver.

In 1998, Eddy joined UK telecommunications startup Virtual Access, a provider of managed network solutions & equipment. During this time, he was the lead engineer responsible for developing and enhancing the codebase used across the company's managed router product line, comprising approx 1 million lines of C & assembly code.

In 2002 he helped lead a successful management buyout of the company, which has operated independently from Dublin since then. After two years as Chief Technical Officer, Eddy left in 2004 to establish Snoopdos Technology (he remains on the board of Virtual Access as an external director).

In addition to his commercial work, Eddy has been an active member of the online and open source community for over 20 years. As one of the earliest members of the Compunet network in the UK, he developed a utility to allow members to connect using cheap commodity modems rather than expensive dedicated units.

For much of the late 80s and early 90s, he was active in the Amiga developer community, releasing utilities such as Snoopdos (a system monitoring tool), CpuBlit (a GUI accelerator), and even a C64 emulator. He was also an early adapter of the BeBox, an innovative PowerPC-based hardware platform designed to run the BeOS operating system.

From 1986 to 1996, he acted as Sysop of Infomatique, one of Ireland's largest publically accessible bulletin board systems. He was also a founder member of CUGI, the Commodore Users Group of Ireland, which ran from 1983 to 1996. From 1994-1996, he also operated IOL MUD, the Irish incarnation of Richard Bartle's original MUD2 online game.

For more information, visit Eddy's LinkedIn Profile.

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