Dr Karl Jeacle - IP Network Architect

Karl has extensive experience in the field of computer networks. He was a key member of eircom.net's core network infrastructure team from 1997-2002, responsible for planning, building and maintaining eircom's national and international IP network. Previously, he was a member of Broadcom Eireann Research, a joint R&D subsidiary of eircom and Ericsson.

More recently, Karl has designed the TCP-XM protocol, an extension to TCP which supports multicast. Karl holds a Ph.D in Computer Networking from University of Cambridge.

Steve Collins - Hardware & Consumer Electronics

Steve spent 12 years as a design & test engineer working for Digital Equipment Corporation. Following this, he moved to Intel Ireland, where he managed their internal production test group. Subsequently, he was engineering manager at Eicon Networks (now Dialogic Communications), a provider of networking equipment.

In 2000, Steve joined telecommunications startup Virtual Access, and in 2002, participated in a successful management buyout. In 2004, he left Virtual Access to pursue development opportunities in consumer electronics.

Steve has extensive knowledge of both hardware and software design, across a wide range of embedded technologies.

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