Consultancy services

We provide a range of consultancy services to companies working in the technology and telecommunications. Some examples are listed below.

Technology evaluation

If you are contemplating an investment or partnership with a company, we can carry out an independent audit of the company's technology & systems, to confirm that they match any claims which have been made.

For small startup companies, an audit can typically be completed in a single day. Larger companies will require more time.

Network design

If you are building a data network, we can provide detailed advice on all aspects from network architecture, protocols, right down to the type of equipment to use.

Whether the network is for internal company use, or to support external business or residential users, it is important to ensure the initial network design is sound, and capable of scaling to handle any future growth in the number of users or bandwidth requirements.

We can also advise on physical cabling infrastructure, network monitoring systems, and security requirements.

Systems Optimisation

Often, computer systems perform poorly due to bad design choices, rather than incompetently written code.

If you have a system which is exhibiting below-par performance in any way, our team can analyse the system and identify where the main bottlenecks are located. We can then suggest ways to address those bottlenecks, and if desired, assist in implementing the needed changes.

External code reviews

Periodic code reviews are a valuable tool in early identification of bugs and program defects. Often, the mere knowledge that code will be reviewed can have a positive effect on the way it is written, leading to improved readability and maintainability.

However, code reviews carried out by inexperienced developers are not as beneficial, since unsafe or questionable coding practises may not be properly flagged. Our team has extensive coding experience, and are very familiar with the techniques required to develop manageable and sustainable code.

We can review some or all of your codebase, and make recommendations for improvements to help aid future maintainability, as well as diagnosing bugs which may be difficult or impossible to catch during routine testing.

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